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NICA AE pictured as a yearling.

Aesthetic Equine, LLC

Standing for the first time in the US to the public

Oceano VII 2003, PRE Andalusian 

This breed has been a life goal and we feel so blessed to have started this venture with 3 dream girls! There will be several updates to come with showing breeding and more as we welcome our main man.

Ninfa GF pictured with her 2017 filly Nica AE

NYMIA pictured as a 2 year old.

Email for details on his semen quality and shipping. We will be offering limited frozen breeding doses in 2022! Evaluated to have great numbers upon thaw. 

​The story of this breed and my passion...

Horses, have always been my passion and no one knew where it came from. I grew up on a small country home where animals were part of my daily life... but no horses. It all started long before I can remember that I LOVED horses. It was a passion that I know my parents struggled with because no one in my family had horses or was experienced taking care of such large, farm like creatures!

From the time I recall, I would call out every horse we saw while on the road;  my parents would take me to fairs and shows to let me see them in action, only to have me leave depressed for days; I would dream of catching my own wild horse because I just wanted one that bad; I spent endless hours playing with models and riding my custom real sized spring horse and enjoying close friends horses; I know every Christmas I hoped Santa would just surprise me with a pony or horse... It was truly a passion that was ingrained in me that I later used to help drive part of my college studies then onto build a small Morgan breeding farm. For anyone out there that has this driving love for the Equines, you get it! There is no waiting the love out or outgrowing the passion, it is just part of who you are!

My first horse was a registered Paint, Miss Fancy Command, who still resides on our farm in retirement (and now reaching senior citizen needs). She was not ideal in anyway for a first time horse... 4 years old, green broke and on the more energetic side but she taught me so much about horses, training and myself! Though Paints were not my passion they grew on me but no matter when I would see horses on TV or at events the Fresians and Andalusians alsways caught my eye. I never dreamed of owning one until I was much older. Then in 2017 an opportunity arose to buy a Mother, daughter and in-utero foal! There were weeks of discussion at our house as the idea of adding 1 Andalusian at this time was not even on the table but my heart just said there was something special about these girls... I was still new to the pedigree so honestly had no idea how special! Please read on about each horse to truly see why I hit the jackpot when my husband said yes, lets do it!

More to come on this addition, with pictures, showing and pedigree...

​The story of this breed and my passion... in action to build a solid foundation that is sustainable in the local show ring, breed promotion and breeding standards of the PRE. 

I will come back to the things I have learned and the places we have gone but Fast Forward for a minute to celebrate laying our foundation. Owning these girls has confirmed to me that this is the direction we want to work toward. We have been bless to foal out, train, sell and breed several PRE and part-blood horses in a short time. This experience has affirmed the drive to make a cornerstone in our Morgan breeding program to hold a small PRE Andalusian spot that can have a big impact. 

To act on this we felt it crucial to be selective in placing our babies that were offered and to work with our veterinary clinic and proven sires to attempt ET with our senior mare Ninfa. This progression is still in the early stages but it appears that all efforts and knowledge is paying off! We are hopeful in the future we can welcome our next breeding prospect with pedigree and pregnancy progress to come. Again anytime there are factors involved that include handling and aged horses the success is impacted so we feel blessed to go through the process no matter what outcome is to be.  

Ninfa was a horse of a lifetime for so many but when she came here she had already done so much that we felt humbled by her. She is stoic, calm and has top notch lines and athletic abilities that we can see in her foals. She now enjoys pasture time with my first horse, Fancy, who taught me so much too. It almost feels like looking at the whole picture when we are out in the pasture with them... the start of a girls dream and her first horse with the maturation of a high quality breeding program standing next to her in the same place. 

2019 is rounding up to be a big one for this area of our farm but as stated, things are young in progression so official news will have to wait. We are also hoping to add to this area and opportunities for future Morgan crosses are on the horizon in 2021 but that will be for another day. For now we count our blessings and enjoy the days out in the presence of our horses and the joy of working our own farm.