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While our site is under construction we are listing our stallions and asking you email us for images, videos and details: Pictures below


Oceano VII

2003 Grey PRE Andalusian

16.1hh Breeding Fee $1500 (cooled and frozen)


ToRoy Golden McClintock

2002 Palomino Morgan

15hh Breeding Fee $800 (cooled and live cover)


Royal Gold Ariston

2007 Palomino Dun Morgan

14.1hh Breeding Fee $800 (cooled and live cover)

Noble-T Sealskin
2019 Smoky Black Morgan
15.1hh Breeding Fee $800 (frozen in 2024)

Edgefield Trail Blazer
2015 Grulla Morgan
15hh Breeding Fee $800 (cooled and frozen in 2024)




Aesthetic Equine, LLC is a small horse farm located in the hills of Wisconsin.  Welcome to our page from Clayton and Jessica, we have years of agriculture and equine experience. Our focus is on best practices on all aspects of our farm from growing hay to handling our animals.  We focus on raising quality foals and standing Morgan and Andalusian stallions to the public. 

About our farm

​Under Construction

Additional Mare information upon email request.
Morgan Mares:
AE Moon's Summer Solstice -sorrel
Jazz's Queen of Sheeba -flaxen sorrel
Royal Gold Anna -buckskin
Royal Gold Galena -buckskin
Royal Gold Devine Design -buckskin
Seasons Midnight -black OFFERED FOR RETIREMENT
Seasons Red Julep -sorrel
Seasons Sparkler -bay
Second Hand Smoke -bay

Andalusian Mares:
Tizona LVIII -bay
Nymia -grey
NinfaLV AE -black

Cross Mares:
Aria AE -Grade Andalusian/Friesian Cross black
AE's Belle Isle Speakeasy -Frisian Sport Morgan Cross buckskin OFFERED FOR SALE

Quarter Horse Mares: 

Skeets Cowgirl -AQHA Red Dun
Genuine Tamalee- AQHA Black